Utah Bill states preference for non gay adopting parents

Powell’s bill — titled Parentage Amendments — will be released in a few days and, if it passes, would put back into law a preference for adoptions by couples with a male and female parent when the child is in the custody of the state and there is not a family member or anyone with an existing relationship who wishes to adopt the child. Since the court’s ruling last year, the state has been granting adoptions and foster placements to same-sex couples on the same terms as mixed-gender couples. The bill would not affect private placement adoptions — only those for children who are wards of the state — and would not go so far as to completely prohibit adoptions and foster placements with same-sex couples, as the law previously had, but those couples would be considered as the last option for the child. Rep. Angela Romero, D-Salt Lake City, wants to change the law to go in a different direction and make clear that any couple should be treated the same when it comes to adoption and foster care, regardless of their genders.